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Negative Leaves

Silver And Spicy Sisterhood

Self-care yoga, empowerment, and joyful living journey

The Journey Begins
2025 Date TBC

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This 9 Month Journey

will give you the tools and practices to live a joyful, empowered, radiantly healthy and purposeful life. 


This program is for women in their mid 40's, 50’s and 60’s who are ready to invest in themselves, light each other’s fire, add life changing practices to their lives and embark on a journey to self- empowerment, self-love and self-discovery.


Learn the 8 Pillars of self-care and apply ancient yoga practices, mantras, meditation, art, reflexology and much more.

Negative Leaves

My Experience

As a healing reflexologist and teacher for over 20 years, lymphedema therapist for cancer patients, yoga instructor, accountability coach and self-care mentor has inspired me to support women on their journey to reclaiming their power, dreams, radiant health, and passions.

My challenges with anxiety, relationship grief, the death of a partner, menopause, body image, self-worth, and abandonment issues, pushed me to find powerful practices and rituals to support myself and others to dig deep into our souls, face fears and limiting beliefs and to create a joyful life of purpose and epic love.

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This Journey is for YOU

  • You are a woman in your 40's, 50’s and 60’s and you lost joy, sparkle, energy, direction, and purpose. (Empty nest syndrome, menopause, retirement, breakup, elderly parents etc).


  • You feel overwhelmed, you struggle to find time for yourself and want support creating a new flow and space to replenish your heart and soul with self-love.


You entered the Silver and Spicy age, and you don’t know who you are anymore. You are missing your me-time, nothing really excites you anymore, your body is changing and achy, you feel lonely, uncertain, and anxious about your future.


  • You are committed to devoting yourself to creating new rituals of self-love and care that will support you on your personal journey to acceptance, acknowledgement, and forgiveness.


  • You want to explore the 8 pillars of selfcare (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, professional, psychological, environmental) and act towards making the time for yourself and shine your light.


  • You are ready to invest in your amazing and unique Self because you still have a deep desire to share your dreams and passions in your own distinctive way. 


  • You feel ready to leave the past behind and step into the next season of your life with your full power and radiance. 


  • You still want to feel sexy and spicy, joyful, and sparkly.


  • You recognize and value the magic powers of sisterhood and of lighting each other’s fires. TOGETHER IS BETTER AND HAPPIER.

Negative Leaves

Client Testimonials

A. L.

You bring joy and light to your students. Your language is clear and simple, and you have the ability to keep the group safe. You know how to make us feel connected despite being online.
Yoga aside, I consider you a lighthouse bringing light to my darkest moments. Yoga has brought up immense light inside yourself and it is shining on us all.

Sara S.B

Your empathy, fun, and positive attitude make feel seen and taken care of. You are my lighthouse.

Ariana Torti,

Pat is warm, personable, and engaged in her course, dedicating time to theory preparation as well as hands-on planning. She cares about her students and gives them personal attention and support. Pat has been inspirational and 6 years on since she trained me, I still remember and apply some of her pearls of wisdom, all done in good humour. I would recommend training with such an authentic teacher who will make you feel comfortable from the onset. 

Maria Mariscal 

Patrizia is an amazing teacher and gentle, good energy making the course more of a relaxed spiritual session. This course will give you a better understanding and more interest in your health. How to heal yourself and understand how important feeling good is. I recommend this course and I hope it helps other people to take care of themselves by doing more self-care. Reflexology is a perfect way to also care for your loved ones and be able to heal them and treat them accordingly to where the problem is.

Thank you, Pat, for this course.
Sending you plenty of love and light. 

Roberta P. Italy

I highly recommend working with Patricia. She has a unique approach to teaching that blends competence and practice with an agreeable and warm way of being. Her big heart together with her down-to-earth attitude ensures both results and an enjoyable time spent together. I highly recommend her experience and skills. Lots of love and thanks Pat xxx 

G. Katerina, Zurich 

Pat is a wonderful teacher, very professional and friendly. She makes the learning process as easy as it can be and guides her students through any challenges. She is a friendly personality and clearly takes pride in what she does. I felt supported and encouraged on the course. Her feedback was always constructive, honest and helpful. I highly recommend her as a teacher and mentor. 

Image by Ozark Drones

As a gift to YOU, please enjoy this video of me sharing my favorite mantra!

Book Your Free Call With ME!

If you feel excited about being a Silver and Spicy Goddess and you want to make sure that this program is for you BOOK YOUR FREE CLARITY call here.

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Your Silver & Spicy journey includes:

  • Bi-monthly Live Zoom Sessions

  • 1 monthly Private One to One Coaching with me

  • Recording of the Zoom sessions in case you miss the live

  • Weekly Yoga classes. Live and Recorded

  • Fabulous Faculty Presenters in specialized fields

  • Sacred online community for sharing, support, and celebrations

  • Exclusive access to future workshop, free programs and retreats.


This program has been specially designed to give YOU all the tools and practices to transform and create your new life, including:

  • 8 pillars of self-care 

  • Daily rituals to increase energy, joy and focus

  • Yoga practices (Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, Yamas and Niyamas)

  • Self-care reflexology to support your physical and spiritual health

  • Art 

  • Aromatherapy

  • Astrology

  • Ayurveda Health Tips & Practices 

  • Menopause and Hormone yoga

  • Core Desire Feelings

  • “Done List” vs “To do” list

  • Be your fashion guru: How to dress for your joy

  • Body image 

  • Homemade beauty products

  • Self-Love + Face massage

  • Specialized meditations

  • Claim your purpose

  • Financial health tips

  • Self-hugging

  • Journaling prompts

  • I hope you like surprises…

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